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Sleep Well With Westin

Nothing restores your mind and body like restful sleep. Achieve your best rest this World Sleep Day with these tips, and wake up to a better you.

Westin Heavenly Bed

Tip #1

Don't underestimate the power of the perfect sleep canvas.

Sweet dreams start with a comfortable bed. Lay the foundation for a good night's rest with the perfect mattress, cozy bedding, and supportive pillows.

White Tea Diffuser

Tip #2

Create a thoughtfully designed sleep environment.

Studies show a cooler room - around 65 degrees - sets the scene for the most comfortable rest. If you are one of many who need a little bit of noise to fall asleep, try a fan or white noise machine to create ambient sound and improve your rest. Finally, create a relaxing atmosphere that eases stress and promotes deeper sleep with a subtle scent like the Westin White Tea Room Spray or Westin White Tea Reed Diffuser.

Woman in bed on phone

Tip #3

Prioritize a tech-free, stress-free bedroom.

Your laptop, cell phone, and work-related things have no business in your sleep space. To optimize your shuteye, avoid screens - and the circadian-rhythm-disrupting blue light they emit - close to bedtime. Practicing meditation and mindful breathing can also help you de-stress and quiet your mind for an easier time dozing off.

Healthy meal

Tip #4

Eat well and maximize your sleep.

When it comes to the link between diet and rest, studies suggest when you eat can be just as important as what you eat. Choose balanced, nutritious options throughout the day, avoid eating within two hours of bedtime, and switch to decaf six hours before to quickly fall into deep, restorative sleep. A soothing cup of lavender, chamomile, or valerian tea can also help you unwind before bed.

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Tip #5

Refresh your daily routine.

Wind down your day with a warm bath or shower made even more relaxing with White Tea bath and body favorites, revitalizing bath bombs, and the most comfortable robes and towels. As a bonus, you'll be able to catch a few more ZZZ's in the morning since you've checked that off your to-do list!

Woman resting from run

Tip #6

Move well and get active.

Regular exercise can help increase heart rate, release endorphins, and expend extra energy to ensure you drift off to slumber in no time and stay asleep all night long.

Woman Sleeping

Tip #7

Cultivate a consistent routine.

The key to sleeping well every night is a stable bedtime. Establish a sleep schedule that works for your lifestyle and stick to it. Including morning prep in your nightly routine can help make mornings even easier - lay out your clothing, get your lunch ready, and set the coffeemaker for a seamless start to your day.