Every Thread Counts

As part of Westin’s commitment to wellness and sleep, the brand initiated an unprecedented sustainability program upcycling discarded heavenly bed linen and transforming the material into a new thread creating thousands of pairs of kid’s pajamas.

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ThreadForward Girl Sleeping

Make a Difference

Purchase a pair of these pajamas and help Westin improve the well-being of the world. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Delivering Good, a non-profit organization, whose mission supports the brand’s efforts to give every child the opportunity to Sleep Well.*


Pajamas Product

Rise & Shine

Inspired by the brand’s Let’s Rise campaign, the illustration is symbolic of a child succeeding in life, both physically and mentally, due to establishing healthy sleep habits.

ThreadForward Kids Jumping on Bed

Giving the Gift of Sleep

Knowing that pajamas are an essential element of a healthy sleep routine, Westin will donate the upcycled pajamas to children in need around the world whose circumstances can contribute to shortened and more fragmented sleep.

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