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Sleep Well With Westin

Nothing restores your mind and body like restful sleep. Achieve your best sleep with these tips and wake up to a better you.

Healthy meal
Tip #1

Maximize your sleep by eating right.

Choose a lighter meal for dinner. Steer clear of complex carbs, fried foods, and the post dinner dessert sundae. Try the Westin Sleep Well Menu, co-developed with SuperFoodRx™, for lighter, sleep promoting options to help ease you right into REM.

Kick the caffeine and wine habit. Studies show corking your wine 3 hours before and coffee 6 hours before your bedtime can help you get to sleep faster.

Woman resting from run
Tip #2

Move well and get active.

Increase your heart rate and expend extra energy with exercise to ensure you drift off to sleep in no time. Just don't do it too close to bedtime.

Woman sleeping
Tip #3

Don't underestimate the power of the perfect sleep canvas.

Getting a good night's rest starts by choosing the perfect mattress and bed, like The Westin Heavenly Bed. Even better? Make your bed every morning to experience that "just made" feeling you get when you stay at a Westin.

All pillows are not created equal. Do your research at to find out which pillow is the right one for you.

Heavenly bedroom
Tip #4

A thoughtfully designed sleep space will enhance the quality of your sleep.

Studies show that a room set to a cool 65 degrees is the optimal temperature to achieve the most comfortable sleep. Too chilly for you? Slip on a pair of socks, which may also improve sleep quality.

The right scent has the power to help you relax. Prep your room with a subtle scent (Try Westin White Tea Room Spray or Westin White Tea Reed Diffuser) to promote a deeper sleep.

Woman relaxing mind and body
Tip #5

Quiet your mind and focus on relaxing your body as you power down for the night.

Switch your brain to the "OFF" position. Forgot to hit send on that one e-mail? Didn't place that order on Amazon? Rest assured you can take care of these things in the morning.

Yoga mat
Tip #6

Take a holistic approach to winding down.

Brew up some comforting tea. Lavender, chamomile, and valerian teas will stir you right into a deep sleep.

Say "Namaste" to meditation. Just lay back and take a few deep breaths in and out as you float into slumber.

Westin shower
Tip #7

Wash the day off before you nod off.

What better way to wash off the day than with a warm bath or shower? Bonus: You'll get a few more z's in the morning since you've checked that off the to-do list.

Woman in bed on phone
Tip #8

Optimize your sleep by creating a tech-free environment.

Keep work out of bed. A laptop, tablet, notes, files, and folders have no place in your bed (or even your bedroom).

#TBT to a time when we didn't rely on the alarms on our smartphones. Studies show the glow from cell phones can prevent deep sleep. So turn off those phones and go vintage with a real-life alarm clock.

Tip #9

Silence may not always be golden when it comes to falling asleep.

If you are one of many who need a little bit of noise to fall asleep, ambient sound may be the key to improving your sleep. Try some nature sounds to lull you into a relaxed state of slumber.

Dog resting on Westin Heavenly Dog Bed
Tip #10

Even your pets deserve their own space.

Get Fido and Fluffy their own Westin Heavenly Dog Bed and keep them out of yours. Pet dander can trigger allergies, disrupting sleep – yours and theirs.

Calendar, pen, coffee, and notebook
Tip #11

Strive to cultivate a routine designed to achieve your best sleep.

Start the day sans stress by planning your morning before you sleep – lay out your clothing, prep your lunch, and set the coffeemaker on auto-brew for a seamless morning.

Maintain a sleep schedule and keep it. Some of the most successful people keep a stable bedtime.

Man and woman in pajamas
Tip #12

Dress the part.

Establish a comforting and beneficial bedtime sleep routine to cultivate good sleeping habits. Elevate your sleep experience by changing out of your daywear by choosing a pair of breathable pajamas that fit your mood. In the morning, make it a habit to fold and store your pajamas so that they are waiting for you at the end of the day.

Woman looking out window
Tip #13

Change doesn't happen overnight. Start small and gradually work your way to better sleep.

Commit to these strategies and tips and you will be well on your way to achieving your best sleep.